Can I sell an outdated/older gown?

Yes! We'd love to help you list and sell your vintage gown with us!

If you think your older/vintage gown is a classic style that would be appealing to a bride today, and you are willing to price your dress in accordance with its age, then you do have a chance of selling it.

If you do not think the gown will appeal to today's bride, we recommend considering donating it.

Images to Use

Including clear, high-resolution photos is very important!

  • YOUR ORIGINAL WEDDING PHOTOS: This is a great way to show off the beauty of your dress! Buying a wedding dress is an emotional sale, and seeing a picture of you looking stunning is sure to help catch a buyer's attention. 
  • IMAGES OF ITS CURRENT CONDITION: Yes, we do mean take it out of the box! Buyers will want to confirm if there are any small flaws (like a missing button) before purchasing, and these are details that can go unnoticed before it was sealed. You can always include pictures of your dress in the box, and then remove it and put it on a hanger to take a couple of extra shots to show how it looks currently. Just make sure to wash your hands and not add hand lotion before handling the dress as body oils and lotions are what can stain and damage the dress.
  • AT A MINIMUM, it's best to include a full-length shot to show off the silhouette, close-ups for details and flaws, and a clear photo of any distinguishing features and embellishments. 

Don't know the Designer?

The designer's name and the style name/number of your dress can really help buyers narrow down their selection as it is one of the primary ways brides search for their dream dress.

  • View our tips on ways to find your designer's name
    • Call the store your dress was purchased from to grab this information
    • Find a style number on a tag sewn onto the dress, either near the back of the gown or under the skirt
    • Google search the designer and year you bought it, and surrounding years as it may be a previous collection. Example: Hayley Paige 2017 bridal collection. Also, search on Pinterest!
    • Filter through that designer's listings directly on our site, you may come across your exact dress being sold by someone else!
  • Pricing is also very reflective of the designer. We typically see vintage dresses priced between $100-$300, but they can be sold for more if the gown is by a high-end designer. Likewise, having a higher-priced vintage gown may deter brides if they don't know who it was made by.
  • If you do not know your designer's name or style number, please select "other" for the designer and then type a short description in the style name/number section. What you choose to type here will be the "title" of your dress listing and what shows up in a bride Google search. For example: 'Vintage Lace Long Sleeve Wedding Dress', or 'Vintage Lace Jeweled Bodice Wedding Dress', etc.

With questions about how our site works, visit our Help Pages.

OnceWed charges a one time $19.95 USD listing fee to post your gown until it sells. There are no other fees and no commission on the sale. You’ll keep the dress with you until sold. The buyer will pay you directly and you’ll ship directly to her. In our experience, some wedding dresses sell in under 24 hours and some take 6 months or more, though it can be longer for vintage dresses as they take a particular buyer to come along searching.

When you're ready, you can Get Started Listing Your Dress!

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