How do I list my new or used dress for sale?

Ready to Sell Your New Or Used Wedding Dress? Here's How to Get Started!

We accept international sellers and buyers, new, sample, and used dresses alike! Listing your wedding/bridesmaid/mother of the bride dress and/or accessories for sale is quick and easy.  

We charge a one time $19.95 listing fee upfront to post your new or used gown until it sells. There are no renewal fees and no commission on the sale

You’ll keep the dress or item with you until sold, the buyer will pay you directly, and you’ll ship directly to her.

5 Steps To Create A Listing

  1. Create a free OnceWed account: Account Registration
  2. Create your listing and enter your item details here: List Your Dress or Accessory
  3. Upload your images. See our tips on How To Optimize Your Dress Listing For Selling
  4. Submit your listing fee and your dress listing goes live!
    Go to your My Items For Sale page and click "Edit Text and Photos". This is where you can add your dress color, measurements, silhouette, and style information after you are done creating and paying for your dress listing.

    These details are pivotal for brides finding your item with our advanced search.

Tips & Tricks On Selling With OnceWed

Note: if you are shipping outside of your own country please make sure you tell your buyer they can expect to pay import duties and fees.

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