How can I tell if my inquiry is authentic?

How to Spot a Fake Inquiry

Scam attempts are common in the online world. has filters in place to quarantine and remove known scam inquiries before they ever reach your account. As scammers become more sophisticated, it is important to educate yourself about the signs of a fake inquiry - knowledge is the best protection.

Watch For These Signs

  1. Interested in an immediate purchase, very rushed
  2. Doesn't ask specific questions about your item
  3. Wants to communicate off the site
  4. Wants to make payment via check, cashier's check, wire transfer or money order. The only payment you should accept is a  secure payment method like paypal or
  5. Wants to use a shipper/third party for sending the dress. 
  6. Asks questions that are clearly indicated in your listing
  7. Uses poor grammar and/or spelling
  8. Have a "story" meant to elicit sympathy to try and have you accept different forms of payment or shipping. 
  9. Buyers located overseas claiming to use shipping agents are usually scams. Never pay a shipping agent claiming to be hired by the buyer. Always ship the dress yourself and ship it to the buyer, not a forwarding service.

Make yourself aware of common scams and fraud. Do not believe the promise of large sums of money in exchange for your help. 

What To Do If You Receive a Fake Inquiry

If you spot a fake inquiry, send it to us so we can block the sender and make the site safer for all users. (You can also always email us with any questions about an email you receive).

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