I can't reach a seller, can you help?

Please give a seller up to 3 days to respond to you and don't be afraid to send another message after 2-3 days to follow up. If you still haven't heard from her by the 5-day mark from your first message, email us and we'll follow up on your behalf.

If the seller does not read or reply to your message within 5 days, the listing will become automatically hidden to prevent further buyer disappointment for an item that may no longer be available

Not sure your message is reaching the seller?

The best way to know that your messages are even getting through is to create an account on our site. The message center organizes all your contacts for you

Our site spam filter holds on to each message for about 1 hour and then releases it to be sent to the seller once it determines the person sending messages is not spamming our site with multiple messages. It will also block messages containing personal information. 

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