How do I create a PayPal invoice to get paid by my buyer?

Invoice Your Buyer with PayPal

Got a buyer? Awesome! 
We've integrated PayPal directly into our message center to make invoicing your buyer safe, quick, and easy :).
First things first,  you need your shipping quote before you send your PayPal invoice. 
Already know the shipping fee? Great! Skip to step #3.
  1. Mailing Address:
    Ask your buyer for their mailing address as you'll need this to calculate the shipping cost (read more about shipping your dress here). 
  2. Shipping Quote:
    Find a box that will fit your dress, stand on a home weigh scale with your packaged dress, and then without it. Record both weights and then and take the difference in weight - that is the weight you need to enter into the shipping cost calculator. Then, use a shipping calculator to see how much it will cost.
  3. Send Invoice:
    Go into your OnceWed inbox and enter the conversation you are having with your buyer. Scroll down and click the Send Buyer PayPal Invoice button.

    You'll be taken to a screen where you are asked to connect your existing PayPal account.

    Once you connect your PayPal account it will do the leg work for creating the invoice and will have a section for the shipping charge to be added before you send the invoice.

Note: there is a sellers fee that PayPal takes when payment is made. Read more about that here and here.

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