What do I do when the PayPal invoice fails?

PayPal Payment Errors


  1. Call PayPal to see if the issue is with your account
  2. Ask the seller to send another PayPal invoice
  3. Ask the seller to invoice you directly via PayPal's site. This provides the exact same protection. You must ensure you choose "Paying for Goods or Service" when you pay your seller. Never ever choose "sending to a friend and family" as this option removes all of your PayPal Purchase Protection

PayPal notes payments might be voided due to buyer issues with:

  • New PayPal account.
  • Unverified credit card, it may take up to 24 hours for the bank to process the information.
  • Exceeding PayPal Balance.
  • Limitations on PayPal.
  • Temporary PayPal payment processing service issues.


  1. Try sending another PayPal invoice to your buyer. If your listing is marked as sold, preventing you from resending, email our support team.
  2. Ask the buyer for their email and send an invoice directly from your PayPal account. Simply add your terms (final sale, return policy, dress size and color, listing number etc) and email it to her!

Fixing "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later"

Typically, this error appears due to a setting in the seller's PayPal account. The seller will need to complete the following steps before sending another invoice:

Step 1. Log In to Your PayPal Account

Click the cog icon and select Account Settings.

Step 2. Select "Website Payments"

Click Update under Website preferences.

Step 3. Scroll Down to "Encrypted Website Payments"

Select Off. This setting allows OnceWed to create a PayPal invoice for our seller to send their buyer.

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