Why is PayPal holding my payment?

We have heard of this happening before, delaying fund availability is a relatively common thing PayPal implements to help ensure the secure use of their services by both buyers and sellers. 

Reasons PayPal Holds Funds Temporarily

Here are some reasons PayPal states your funds may be temporarily on hold or unavailable:

  • You’re a new seller with PayPal
    You can usually move out of this status by confirming your identity and building up a history of positive selling activity.
  • You're an established seller but have opened a new account
    You’re an established PayPal seller, but opened a new account, that account will be eligible for holds until a good history is established.
  • You haven't sold something in a while
    When your selling activity has been dormant for a long time, it will also take time to rebuild a history of positive buyer-seller transactions.
  • You have had multiple customers file for a refund, dispute, or chargeback
    The best way to resolve this is to work directly with your buyers to prevent or solve disputes and chargebacks.
  • Your selling pattern appears unusual or has changed
  • You’re selling higher risk items

How Can I Release My PayPal Money?

For held payments, you can help to release them by processing the order quickly and providing us with the tracking information.

  1. Print Shipping Label with PayPal
    You can purchase and print your label on PayPal and they'll automatically add the tracking for you.
  2. Add Tracking
    Use one of their approved shipping carriers and add the tracking details on your Activity page. They’ll release the hold 1 day after delivery. 
  3. Buyer Confirmation
    If your payment is held, your buyer will have the option to confirm that they received the item. This is only available if they paid for their invoice with their PayPal funds and not their connected bank or credit card.

When a payment that was being held is released, it may take until the end of the day for the money to appear in your PayPal account.

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