How do I explain my dress alterations and size?

If your dress has alterations we recommend you include details in your listing to ensure all buyers know what they are purchasing:

  1. Include your measurements on the listing (bust, waist, hips, height). Tallest wearable height = your height plus the shoes you wore.
  2. Call the store that did your alterations and see if they have notes on what was taken in and by how much
  3. If #2 does not work, note basic things like "the dress is a size 10 but modified closer to an 8 because my bust/hips only fit the size up, they had to shorten the hem because I am 5'2 and I wore flats/3 inch heels etc for my wedding"
  4. With all of the above noted in your listing, make sure you discuss this in your communication with potential buyers so they know it is not a true size (X) anymore and that if the dress does not fit, you will not accept a return (if you do not want to have a return policy). Having this conversation is very important.

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