Should I offer a return policy?

The choice is up to you!

Let's face it, most brides really want to try the dress on before committing to walking down the aisle in it, and it's best to make 100% sure that the veil is the exact right color match for the gown before you're stuck with it. 

A return policy makes a lot of sense on the buyer's side, but what about the seller? 

Our research shows that offering a return policy increases your chance of a sale; however, it is YOUR call if you would like to do so or not. 

As long as you make your conditions clear, and you and the buyer both agree on the terms, you can safely offer a return policy that will help increase interest from potential buyers while still keeping you safe from being taken advantage of; you want your items to be loved again, but want security while doing so.

Return Policy Terms to Consider

  1. The buyer must notify you of her intention to return the item within 2 days of receiving it. The item must be returned in the exact condition in which it was sent.
  2. The buyer must provide a tracking number for the return shipment within 5 days of saying they want to return it. 
  3. The return shipment must be insured for the purchase value and returned at the buyer's expense.
  4. The refund will not be provided until the seller receives the returned item and confirms its condition.
  5. Include your return policy terms directly on your Paypal or invoice and specifically review them with your buyer in advance of the transaction. Do not choose the friends and family option when invoicing with PayPal - this does not offer purchase protection, which you can read more about here: Recommended Payment Methods

Steps to Ensure a Safe Transaction

  • Go through all of the details of your gown with the buyer (make sure the tag size you listed is what the dress actually is, confirm that she understands the alterations done on it, etc). If your gown is in a preservation box, please review it to make sure the cleaning service did indeed remove all possible stains (sometimes they get missed).
  • Take pictures of the gown before you ship it and take a video of it as you pack the gown. This will be a good record of you sending the gown in the agreed-upon condition.
  • Do not ship your gown until their payment has cleared. If your payment is being held by PayPal, give them a call. This happens sometimes and they will let you know which account was flagged and the next steps for releasing the funds.

What if the buyer chooses to return the dress?

If the buyer decides to return the dress, you can issue the refund directly from your PayPal account. Please wait to complete the refund until you have received your dress back and confirmed it is in the same condition as was agreed when it was delivered.

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