What if my dress doesn't sell?

Listed Until Sold

Our one-time listing fee (and no commission on the sale) means your item will remain posted until it sells at no additional cost to you.

Think of your wedding dress listing like an advertisement being read by someone who doesn't know anything about your gown.  The more information, detail and pictures you can provide, the more likely someone will contact you. In our experience, some wedding dresses sell in under 24 hours and some take 6 months or more. The average sell time on our site is 70 days (pre-COVID). 

1. Price it Right

Price is one of the most important factors that influence your wedding dress' chance of selling.  The more attractive the price, the more inquiries you will receive.

Use our Dress Value Guide & Calculator to find out exactly what your gown is worth.

If after a few weeks, you find you aren't getting the traffic or inquiries you had hoped for, consider reducing your price.  A reduction of 10% or more will place your gown on our New This Week page and will add a 'Price Reduced' banner for 30 days.

2. Use AWESOME Pictures

Your pictures are the best way to showcase your wedding dress. Ideally, your listing will contain images of the full front and back of your wedding gown. And close-ups of any detail.  

Pictures of an actual person wearing it will give the buyer a much better idea of the dress than a hanger.  Buyers always want to see the actual dress being sold in the listing.

For your thumbnail or Main Image (the one that will appear in search results), it is best to use a single image of your wedding dress (instead of a composite of two or three different pictures).

3. Give Detailed Information

More is definitely better.  So include information about the fabric, the details, your measurements, the alterations and if/how the gown was cleaned or preserved. Assume that a buyer won't know anything about your dress unless you tell her.

4. Include Your Wedding Dress in the Correct Categories

Be sure to fill out ALL categories (fields like silhouette, neckline etc).  Buyers may be searching only by these criteria, so if they aren't filled in, your dress won't return in their search.  

Not sure what some of the categories are?  Visit our Wedding Dress 101 page to see where your wedding dress fits.

And don't forget to include your zip (postal) code.  Without it, your dress won't return in local area searches which are done by zip code.

5. Full Disclosure Is Important

Hopefully, it goes without saying, but full disclosure is very important.  Revealing any blemishes about your dress will prevent any issues as your transaction progresses.

6. Share Your Listing With Your Social Circles

If you're on Facebook or Twitter, you can share your listing with your social circles right from your account.  And spreading the word is a great way to help sell your dress.

7. Consider A Return Policy

 Our research shows that offering a return policy can increase your chance of selling.  You can see our recommended return policy right on the listing form.

8. Use A Secure Payment Method

We never recommend accepting a check or wire transfer for payment. You can have a safe transaction if you use a secure payment method like Paypal or Escrow.com.  You can read more about those services here.

Listing fees are non-refundable.

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