What photos should I use for my listing?

Images to Use on Your Listing

Professional photos from your wedding day or your try-on appointment are a great way to show off the beauty of your dress. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional sale, and seeing a picture of you looking stunning is sure to catch a buyer's attention!

At a minimum it's best to include:

  • Good quality pictures with good lighting - natural lighting is ideal
  • full length shot to show off the silhouette
  • Images showing the full front and back of your gown
  • Images of the gown in its current condition
  • Clear photos of any distinguishing features, embellishments, or blemishes
  • Bright/white lighting! Warm lighting or evening lighting will not accurately represent your dress color or overall look.

Including clear, high-resolution photos is very important and you must be the copyright holder of all images on your listing (don't use another seller's images or ones from the designer/fashion shows etc).

What if your dress has been PRESERVED?

It's a great selling point that your dress was preserved after the wedding since it'll be in much better condition having been stored properly. We do recommend removing your dress from the sealed box to take photos to show its current condition.

Buyers will want to confirm if there are any small flaws (like a missing button) before purchasing, and these are details that can go unnoticed before it was sealed. You can always include pictures of your dress in the box, and then remove it and put it on a hanger to take a couple of extra shots to show how it looks currently. Just make sure to wash your hands and not add hand lotion before handling the dress as body oils and lotions are what can stain and damage the dress.

What if your dress is NEW?

We recommend using the images from your try-on appointment - pictures of the dress on an actual person will give a much better idea of its true beauty than a hanger. And buyers always want to see the actual dress being sold in the listing :).

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