Do you ship internationally?

Worldwide shipping can be available! It is up to the seller if they are willing to ship outside of their country.

OnceWed is an online-only listing service where we connect buyers and sellers (who are real people just like you) of wedding items who then transact directly with each other.

The seller is responsible for shipping the dress to their buyer, so you would just need to confirm with them that they would be willing to send the item to you. :)

Alternatively, you can also try searching for items near you:

The seller agreed to ship internationally?

Congratulations! You're only a few steps away from owning your dream dress or accessory! Just be aware of customs charges that your country imposes when purchasing internationally

Customs/duty fees for international shipments should be discussed directly with your shipping provider and can be found on your local governments' website. You can expect to pay import fees, local taxes (like a normal purchase), and any duties your government has imposed on importing clothing goods.

Ready to buy?

Our Buyers Next Steps guide will take you through the final steps to safely buy your dream dress or wedding accessories!

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