How do I ship internationally?

Guide to Shipping Internationally

Grab her address to get a quote from a few carriers. Shipping internationally can be expensive, make sure you use the exact weight and measurements for your packaged dress when you get a quote. Discuss the quote with your buyer and find out if she is ok to move forward.

Heaven forbid your dress gets lost in transit - but if it does, you absolutely want to have insured the package. A lost dress will be your responsibility to open a case with the courier to get a refund (domestic or international).

Only insure the dress for the price she paid, not for the price you paid when you bought it.

Discuss the Dress Condition
Make sure you send pictures of your dress as it looks today and discuss any and every detail on it that she may want to know about (fraying lace? loose beads? stained hem? etc)

Final Sale
Let her know this is a final sale due to international shipping.

Import Fees and Duties
Let her know she can expect to pay import fees and duties imposed by her country when the dress arrives and that she will need to look into what that cost will be on her end before she makes this purchase.

This is a really important piece to communicate - she could choose to refuse the shipment if she is surprised by the fees and doesn't want to pay them.

Signature Required
Never ship without this :).

For more information on shipping your dress please click here: What's the best way to ship a wedding dress?

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