Who pays for shipping?

Typically, buyers pay for shipping and that cost is added to the seller's invoice on a separate line. But, like all things with buying and selling online, this is can be negotiated as part of the selling process. 

Sellers are sometimes willing to pay shipping in lieu of reducing the price of their item. Buyers may also ask to split the cost of shipping, especially in the case of international deliveries where the buyer is also responsible for additional duties and fees.

Shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the package and the distance between the buyer and seller. 

International Shipping

Buyers are responsible for all customs fees and taxes when importing an item into their country.

Customs/duty fees for international shipments should be discussed directly between the buyer and the shipping provider and can be found on their local governments' website as well. They can expect to pay import fees, local taxes (like a normal purchase), and any duties their government has imposed on importing clothing goods.

Ready to Buy?

Once the seller and the buyer have agreed on the terms of the sale, ask the buyer for their shipping address so you can get a shipping quote. Once payment is received, ship your item using your own shipping materials. (Be sure to require a signature on delivery and insure the package for the full selling price).

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